10,000 Pieces in Stock in Everett & Snohomish








The BRAMBLE HOME STORE FACTORY OUTLET is liquidating its entire current inventory at once in a lifetime TRUE MASSIVE DISCOUNTS.




Don't worry, we are not going anywhere at this time, and we are a well-funded, debt-free business. Like many companies in our world today, we are changing our business model. Right now we showcase about 1400 Bramble items, and stock about half that many models, with over 10,000 items in stock or on display.




We are going to display the top 250 of our products, and stock those 250 items in the top 2-3 finishes in our warehouses, and about half our current retail sales floor will be dedicated to the new "In-Stock" program and "In-Stock" Internet program.


You will be able to continue custom ordering the entire Bramble line in our stores or on our website in 100's of finish combinations. If you want a different finish on what we show and stock, you can custom order it as you do today. So the entire line is available to order from our catalogs, in the stores, and online. Most items shown in our stores will be available for immediate pick-up, or you can order from our new online "In-Stock" program.





25% TO 40%





( * Bramble Rewards will not be earned on discounted items. & ** Discounts do not apply to items that are special custom orders. )


3210 HEWITT AVE EVERETT, WA 98201 (888) 502-1399

Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

Sun 12pm-5pm


801 1ST STREET SNOHOMISH, WA 98290 (888) 502-1399

Hours: Tue-Sat 10am-6pm Sun 12pm-5pm


NOTE: Please be aware that we are NOT bringing in extra temp staff for this sale. When you purchase an item, We request that you make an appointment for pick-up at the time of sale to help us reduce wait times. We need the time to pull your items off of the sales floor or from the warehouse and stage them for pickup.This process ensures that your pick-up will go as smoothly and as expediently as possible. If you need delivery service, we can recommend a local delivery company that provides great service. If you are picking up your item yourself, we ask that bring blankets, twine, and any other packing supplies that you may need for the transport of your item; we are unable to provide these supplies.




Why Bramble Furniture?


Our Environment


• ALL Bramble products are made from CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE PLANTATION GROWN MAHOGANY, we never utilize material from clear cutting or rain forests.
• Bramble has PLANTED OVER ONE MILLION TREES to date! Try to find any furniture company in the world that has that kind of commitment to our environment. Planting a tree in place of every piece of furniture we make truly shows our dedication to a better world.
• Everything in the Bramble factory is recycled and repurposed. This includes the sawdust and scraps that are reused in a variety of ways.
• The Bramble factory has an extensive waterfall dust collection system which provides a very healthy and dust free work environment.
• Bramble factory pays a great living wage, has FREE prescriptions, and an on-site FREE clinic for all of its employees.
• Bramble uses non-toxic lead free paints and finishes.


Bramble employs very talented and innovative designers. Whether it is a re-creation of a traditional old world look, or an original and unique design that was created exclusively for us. The scale is pleasing to the eye and the price is also pleasing to the pocket book.

You can purchase our designs from our vast in-stock and unique inventory, that may be one-of-a-kind or a limited product run, or you can design it yourself and order it with dozens and dozens of unique finish combinations and artwork.


• Bramble is only constructed from sustainable hardwood. NO particle board or MDF is EVER USED.
• Our furniture is made by craftsmen in the old world tradition and we dovetail our drawers front and back. We use SOLID WOOD raised panels and we HAND-CARVE where carvings are present. ALL of our beveled glass that is used in our furniture and mirrors is HAND-CUT.
• ALL of our artwork is HAND PAINTED on the furniture, as well as on our canvas wall art. The art you see on our furniture is not stenciled, it is HAND PAINTED!
• Every piece is quality sanded inside and out. Open a cabinet or drawer and feel the inside of every area, top or bottom, and even backs. You will feel the smooth, silky, old world craftsmanship of our quality lifetime materials.
• In the old world furniture building tradition, we incorporate corner blocking, screwing, gluing, doweling, and mortis and tenon construction.
• You can even look at the backs on each piece and most are tongue and groove ¾” SOLID MAHOGANY. Even on a nightstand we use real hardwood ply, not MDF or particle board.
• ALL of our finishes are HAND-APPLIED and have at least 10 steps, or more, before completion.
• Since we use SOLID WOOD construction, Bramble products are repairable, if damage ever occurs. Additionally, the SOLID WOOD allows for refinishing of the furniture should you desire to make changes to the look in the years to come. This is NOT throwaway furniture that is nearly your only choice these days. With Bramble you buy it once and keep it for a lifetime.
• Bramble furniture can be moved without it falling apart! Not only can our furniture be moved from place to place, it can be handed down from GENERATION to GENERATION, without it falling apart. People do not stay in one place as long as they used to, and unlike particle board furniture that falls apart the first time you move it, our Bramble products are BUILT-TO-LAST and move with you through the many changes in your life. You don’t have to purchase new furniture each time you move, when you buy Bramble.



Bramble is the only factory in the world that makes furniture and accessories with this extensive level of customization. It is very hard to believe and many people are completely amazed at the multitude of options, array of colors and numerous traditional stains, finishes, and unique distressings. You can truly make any piece exactly the way you want from conservative to traditional to a trendsetting statement, and everything in between.

Choose from 100’s of color and traditional stain combinations. You can pick different colors for the main body, top, interior and trim on the same piece. You can choose many distressing levels to be applied. Then, you can also pick from numerous HAND-PAINTED artwork options. You can even have our lamp shades and upholstered items in several fabric options and have them silk screened with our ORIGINAL ARTWORK onto the fabric. The combinations are truly only limited to your imagination.


Enjoy $10 in Bramble Rewards for Every $100 You Spend!




One of the most amazing Rewards Programs offered to customers in the United States! Sign Up and Enjoy $10 in BRAMBLE REWARDS FOR EVERY $100 YOU SPEND!! Bramble Reward Dollars are then redeemable dollar-for-dollar as discounts against future qualifying purchases.

No gimmick, no hook, no catch, no confusing point system with hard to understand conversion methods and limitations, just a fabulous ongoing gift to you to redeem in our stores as you want. This is not a one time offer, this is ongoing!

At the Bramble Home Store factory outlet, our current pricing (without this fabulous Rewards Program) is a Super Great Value on its own. When you add our Rewards Program in, it is almost unbelievable.

No other store offers this kind of quality, style and options at about 1/3 of Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware.


 Make Every Piece Your Own

Do you like Pottery and Restoration Hardware? Then you will go crazy over our selection at about 1/3 the price!

Watch the video below for a start-to-finish explanation of how our products are made: