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How Our Colors Work

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Each and every one of our products in our Bramble and Steven Shell lines can be customized in an almost unlimited array of choices to meet your exact home decor needs. The specific piece(s) you choose may include several of the following options:

Main Body Finish, Top Finish, Interior Finish, Trim/Accent Finish, Tin Top, Hand Painted Artwork, Fabric Color, Fabric Artwork, Rattan Color, Shade Color, Iron Color, and Distressing Level.

All pricing for Bramble and Steven Shell product lines on this website is listed at the standard/base pricing. Products that are ordered in a premium finish and/or include hand-painted artwork will incur a 10% up-charge on top of the listed base price.  If a product also includes tin, the upcharge will be 20% from the listed base price, instead of 10%.  Combinations of tin, premium finish options, and artwork will still only receive a single 20% upcharge.

Make Every Piece Your Own

Click or Tap The Thumbnails Below To See Samples Of Our Custom Finishing Options:


Visit our FINISH OPTIONS page to browse through the samples of all of our Paint, Stain, Distressing, Iron, Marble, Fabric, Artwork and various other color options.